Dental Insurance Dental Insurance Insurance is a means of protection and Teeth Insurance Is The Way To Protect Ur Dental Using Insurance.

Get Amazing Insurance Is Ameritas dental

Ameritas dental advantages and keep building Ameritas dental that because that combination of growing your business and then diverting all of that extra cash into tax-advantaged retirement accounts that’s what’s gonna get you to retirement so you’re on .

Ameritas dental
Ameritas dental

The right track keep it up oh and one other question Christine this is a question I’m gonna ask back at you you mentioned that you have thirteen thousand dollars in savings and three thousand dollars in an emergency fund the implication of .

The way that you phrase that is that the money that you have in a savings account is not money that you consider to be part of your emergency fund I’m wondering why what is the money in that savings account earmarked for if it is not part of your emergency fund .

Do you have it earmarked for some alternate specific purpose if the answer is no then I would mentally bucket that entire lump sum that the thirteen thousand in savings plus the three thousand emergency fund I would mentally bucket that as .

A  emergency fund particularly given that you are self-employed which means naturally your incomes going to fluctuate having that emergency fund will be helpful for those times when naturally you know your income is going to be is going .

Have some dips that’s just what happens when there’s self-employment so otherwise I think you’re doing great so keep up keeping up and Thank You Christine for asking that question our next question comes from Amy hi.

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