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humana dental plans with cost details for everyone

Those posterior¬†humana dental plans composites on there but the majority of the time you’re going to get paid based on the amalgam fees so if you can negotiate five hundred dollars for a single surface posterior composite but if they’re calculating it on amalgam all you’re doing is passing extra cost on to.

humana dental plans
humana dental plans

The patient and not actually and and also decreasing your treatment plant acceptance the higher the dollar the you know the harder it is to get that person to say yes and schedule so remember that fillings are downgraded bridges are downgraded crowns are downgraded.

Timplants are downgraded so you need to understand what those things are downgraded to you need to look at the partial fee if you do a lot of bridges or implants because it’s going to get downgraded to a partial denture if you got a crown you need to look at .

The full metal crown fee because they’re gonna downgrade it to the full metal crown fee so not just they always tell you to bring your top codes that you use but what you really need to do is the top codes you get paid on the down graded codes so .

When your insurance company asks you for your top codes that you use what you need to do is pay attention to the top codes you get paid on so you might use the posterior single surface composite fee every single day or code every single day but you .

Get paid on the one surface of Malcolm code so be sure that those downgraded codes are included in your negotiation so wrapping up the second question you know which is better there are some nuances there’s definitely some critical and strategic.

Thinking that you need to put into this it’s not an easy question to answer just yes/no but hopefully with the Tippett’s we’ve given you you’ve got a little bit better direction to go for where you’re at can I can I add one more thing you can hope sherry.

Will always add one more thing that’s I really I got one more thing to say so one of the things that we run into because we do billing and .

We also help doctors with their fee schedules and things like that is we’ll run into a great story we had this front desk person who talks to the patients every day and there was a major employer in their area that started offering a secondary option in the dental plan and this front desk person was panicking she’s like all of our

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