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it like I said before you SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS can adjust the settings high medium and low but if you’re using it in your pressing too hard I want you to look right here in this toothbrush look what it does can you see and it’s making like a noise so it’s telling you that you’re pressing too hard on your teeth so now let’s do a demonstration.

I’m going to show you how  SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS  to use this I’m going to use a plaque identifying toothpaste okay you could use a if you want to see the plaque on your teeth you could use the tablets you can use the rinse but this is the preferred method for seeing  how the plaque is getting removed from your teeth so let’s try the toothbrush head so I like to usually go for you know more whitening more waiting on my teeth so.


I’m going to use waiting head and I would remember which one may see as cool it tells you okay clean no I don’t want that one deep clean no I don’t want that one clean okay which one it says on the guide that the green one is for premium white for stain removal okay there is white okay so I’m going to demonstrate how to use this toothbrush.


I’m going to do it for the full two minutes and then I’m going to use this toothpaste as I would for a plaque identifier so I’m just going to I’m going to go spit it out and they’re going to look and see if you did a good job I actually have some of this lip stunts lipstick.

I’m some spots on my T so let’s see if it gets it off alright so directions for this a just on a wet toothbrush so okay let’s do this this is a glass of water and let’s see actually how it works in the glass of water because I have to wet the toothbrush head anyway so let’s see okay it definitely makes a lot of a lot of vibrations per minute so read more SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS 

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