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Tooth polisher mean I still had to live I was still working I was a restaurant manager at the time so I was talking to many many people on a daily basis Tooth polisher for hours and hours and hours and you just you have to do it you know I had to do it and you know um when you’re going through it your day is going on and you.

Tooth polisher
Tooth polisher

Tooth polisher Kind of forget and so at some point you’re able to be a lot more natural and just like yourself because you forget about whatever the situation is um and so you know the more that I was working in whatever I forget about it and then.

I have to go to the bathroom or something I’d be like oh my god that’s right I’m missing a tooth um so that was really difficult for me but again it didn’t stop me from living my life and actually if you look back at my first couple videos here on YouTube they’re really really awkward I know I know um but I was actually filming my first couple videos missing in the tooth and.

I still filmed I figured out how to get around the missing tooth and still film videos because I was very very excited to do something like that and I really wanted to start a YouTube channel and everything so if you were to look at them I sitting sideways.

I’m actually sitting like this in all of my videos and I talk kind of sideways like this so that this part of my mouth wasn’t showing in the videos and I’m talking very very low again because I didn’t want my mouth moving too much I didn’t want you to be able to notice anything over here so I would actually film a lot of different takes making sure that .

I was at the right angle that I was like barely moved this way so that you can still see me and whatever it is that I was doing like an eye tutorial or whatever um but I wouldn’t film me doing anything with my lips I would speed through it or just completely leave it out and again .

I looked at very very sideways so that was kind of how I overcame you know still being able to film and still have the missing tooth so I just I want to say you know if you’re going through like a missing tooth or like the whole dental implant situation don’t be ashamed don’t feel like it’s the end of the world and don’t feel like you’re the only person

who is looks like that or is going through that situation because you are not there are thousands unfortunately if not more people out there who are missing teeth and it’s you know something that you go through and but it’s something


That you’re able to fix if you make sure that you have the finances and you make that a priority you can get it done now what I can say is even if you can’t to go through like the entire dental implant process for financial reasons or whatever it is

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